Workplace Equipment & Supplies

Explore our innovative stationery, workplace safety and security solutions to improve and upgrade your day-to-day processes.

Media Destruction Machine

Interactive Touch Solution

SMARTECH proudly offers the latest range of high quality classroom and boardroom presentation aids including our NEOPANEL Interactive Touchscreen Panels, Interactive Whiteboards.

Franking Machine Ink Cartridge & Consumables

Ink cartridges for postage meter and address printer, franking labels etc.

Health & Safety Solutions

SMARTECH provides the widest range of equipment to create a healthy workspace that is safe and compliant. Our solutions offer the highest protection across modern day pollutants and offer peace of mind for employees and their working environment.

Cash Handling Solutions

More effective cash handling also reduces losses, increasing accuracy and helping to prevent miscounts or discrepancies from occurring.

Low Volume Commercial Shredders

These shredders can be used in any office environment, but are industrial grade - they don't break down easily, and can stand up to frequent use, unlike standard retail shredders from your neighborhood office supply store.

Medium Volume Commercial Shredders

If your organization handles and disposes of extremely sensitive and classified data, our high security shredders should be part of your first line of defense against accidental data leaks and document recovery.

Large Volume Commercial Shredders

The XL and other industrial shredding products offer the opportunity to eliminate the ongoing cost of third-party shredding services, and in many cases even create new revenue sources by selling shredded documents to recyclers.


Degausser is a machine that disrupts and eliminates magnetic fields stored on tapes and disk media, removing data from devices like your hard drives.


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