Low Volume Commercial Shredders

These shredders can be used in any office environment, but are industrial grade - they don't break down easily, and can stand up to frequent use, unlike standard retail shredders from your neighborhood office supply store.

SMARTECH Intimus 1000C

intimus 1000: Easy and comfortable operation with slide switch – On / Off control via light barrier

SMARTECH Intimus 1000S

Paper media destruction for office spaces of all sizes.

SMARTECH Intimus 2000C

Intimus 2000 - Mounted on rollers for flexible use

SMARTECH Intimus 2000S

Professional Data Shredders – a Synthesis of Technology, Performance and Design

SMARTECH Intimus 3000C

Paper and optical media destruction for office spaces of all sizes.

SMARTECH Intimus 3000S

intimus 3000: Easy and comfortable operation with push button for Forward and Reverse – further Auto-Reverse function in case of paper jam.

SMARTECH Intimus Pro 45CC3

The 45CC3 shows that you can fit a high performance shredder into a small footprint.

SMARTECH Intimus Pro 45CC4

The 45 CC4 is just as full-featured as its larger counterparts, with our easy to use i-control control panel.

SMARTECH Intimus Pro 45SC2

The intimus 45SC2 Office Shredders is professional solutions for the destruction of paper media, optical disks, ID badges and credit cards.


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