Driving strategic success and excellence.

Meet our exceptional executive team, a group of visionary leaders driving our company's success with passion and expertise. With a diverse range of backgrounds and extensive industry knowledge, they are at the forefront of strategic decision-making, innovation, and ensuring our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.

Vincent Nair

President & CEO

Zac Warby

Chief Financial Officer | Oceania

Teresa Gong

CFO & Chief Compliance Officer | APAC

Myra Anwar

Chief People and Culture Officer | APAC

Ank Sobti

Director eCommerce Solutions | ANZ

Ivan Chia

Sales Director | Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia

Rose Xie

Director of Operations and Finance | Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau

Benny Yung

Services Director | Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau

Ringo Chan

Sales Director | Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau

Emily Pang

Finance and Human Resource Manager | South East Asia

Wilton Kwok

Sales Manager | Taiwan

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds with invaluable industry experience. They play a pivotal role in guiding our strategic decisions, ensuring the success and continuous growth of our company.

David Moore

Co-Founder of Smartech & Associates L.P.

Vincent Nair

President & CEO

Vasyl Nair

Advisory Board Member

Kaman Heung

Advisory Board Member

Simon Champion

Advisory Board Member

Simon Johnson

Advisory Board Member